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Explore RoboUP T1000 KOL Reviews – iVax from France

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2024/04/30 14:49

RoboUP T1000 Features:
【Precise positioning and boundary detection】Thanks to the C-PASS system (in combination of RTK, VSLAM, INS, AI VISION), the RoboUP robot lawn mower is able to position himself in the garden with to determine the precision in cm and recognize the edges of the lawn. At the touch of a button, the robot is ready to do its job.
【Multi-zone management and route planning】With the multi-zone management function, you can map multiple separate or adjacent lawn plots and create connecting passages. RoboUP automatically mows these areas sequentially. If you do not specify a mowing plan, the
robot mower will do the work autonomously based on height, time and frequency.
【Real-time AI Object Detection】RoboUP is equipped with HD cameras, which can detect not only fences, trees, furniture, but also living objects such as babies, pets and wild animals, and avoid collisions, thus avoiding material and human damage and injuries to animals.
【Ideal for Complex Gardens】Whether your garden is flat and level or steep and bumpy: RoboUP can handle slopes of up to 26% and also mow uneven surfaces with its floating mowing disc. With the spot mowing function and close-to-edge mowing, lawn care becomes a pleasure.
【Device security and anti-theft protection】The RoboUP robot lawn mower is equipped with a lift and tilt sensor. If it is lifted or knocked over, an audible alarm will sound and the cutting disc will stop immediately. Outside of the mapped lawn area, the mower is locked and can only be reactivated by entering the PIN code. You will also be notified by the app.
【Delivery contents】You will receive a RoboUP robot lawn mower, the charging station with power supply and 10 m extension cable, the RTK receiver module with extension cable and external mounting kit, 9 spare blades and screws, 6 ground anchor screws and installation tools. , friendly customer service - we are available with advice and action at your side.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Presentation
T1000 and accessories
04:00 Setup with the RoboUP app
07:20 Creation of the map
10:28 First pass at 6cm height
15:10 Second pass at 3cm height
16:52 Before / After the transition to 6 cm / After the transition to 3 cm
17:15 My opinion on the robot + Essential points + Conclusion
18:19 Outro

iVax's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@iVax_YT