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TM01-10m RTK Extension Cable-1080x1080-1.webp
TM01-10m RTK Extension Cable-1080x1080-2.webp
TM01-10m RTK Extension Cable-1080x1080-3.webp
TM01-10m RTK Extension Cable-1080x1080-4.webp

10m RTK Extension Cable

$ 24.99 USD

Product Specifications

  • RTK Charging Station Extension 10 Meters Cable

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10m RTK Extension Cable

Accessories (10m RTK Extension Cable)

$ 24.99 USD

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RTK Charging Station Extension 10 Meters Cable
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1 * 10m RTK Extension Cable
RoboUP TM01 T500, T1000, T1000P, T1200 Pro
Out of stock. Estimated shipping date: pending.

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